Utilizing Wastes. Solving Carbon Problems

Fuel made Greener

Global waste and carbon footprint are huge problems. We decided to step forward and do something, primarily to provide affordable, green and sustainable space launch options. But applications will never stop there. The real benefit of space is on earth.

OrbitX - OrbitX RP-2

OrbitX RP-2

Developed inside an engineering university, OrbitX is taking pride of RP-2 or renewable RP-1 which is being used heavily by the spaceflight industry. RP-2 is derived from plastics.

OrbitX Diesel

Solving dirty waterways and food wastes are not easy. OrbitX decided to create a renewable fuel option to petrodiesel which is currently being used by most engines.

OrbitX - OrbitX Diesel
OrbitX - OrbitX Methane

OrbitX Methane

In partnership with Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Santa Mesa, OrbitX is researching a way to extract methane rocket fuel from algae. This is intended to be the largest algae research of its purpose in the world.

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