“Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars.” - Frank Sinatra

As the contemporary space venture of the Philippine space program, we aim to provide space access to developing countries and startups in the most sustainable manner possible.


Started 2019.

Established by group of millennials and young professionals from different academic background. OrbitX started designing Haribon SLS-1. It is being developed to work on OrbitX RP-2 researched by OrbitX Chief Scientist Andrey Antiporta.

OrbitX Chief Researcher, Joshua Naungayan is protecting the future by conducting a research for methane fuel derived from algae.

Haribon SLS is the baby of OrbitX Spaceshot team

Engineered by diverse Filipino engineers from different universities, OrbitX Spaceshot team was formed to focus on bringing Filipinos to space using world class methodologies for sustainable energy production for space exploration. It can carry approximately 200 kilograms in Low Earth Orbit. Currently, Haribon SLS is in Technology Readiness Level 4.

(NOTE: Some pictures provided here are from earlier simulations/experiments/trials/designs.)

OrbitX - OrbitX Spaceshot
OrbitX - OrbitX Spaceshot
OrbitX - OrbitX Spaceshot

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