Fund the bird.

Make it fly.

We will fly… WITH YOUR NAME!

For just 10 USD (500 Pesos), we will include your name in the memory storage that we will launch to space. We will also send you a ticket to space! #FilipinosToSpace #HumansToSpace

OrbitX - OrbitX Memory Storage

1000 Pesos? Let’s Engrave Your Name.

If you will donate 1000 Pesos or 20 USD, we will include your name in the memory storage, we will give you a space ticket and we will engrave your name on Haribon SLS! SOUNDS AMAZING RIGHT?

We Will Use Your Money To Build Haribon


We need you as our client and supporter to lift Haribon SLS to space. We will build Philippines’ first space infrastructure and testing center. You can fly with us and support Haribon at the same time!

OrbitX - OrbitX Haribon
OrbitX - Donate & Support

Scan + Donate = Support

Get this PayPal QR Code, donate and fly with us! We will owe you big time.

Want to donate big time?

If you are a huge company or organization who would like to fund larger amount,

Email us at [email protected]

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